Pregnancy After Miscarriage Success Stories: Bryony and Asher’s Experience


One couple’s pregnancy after miscarriage story

There are many positive stories of pregnancy after miscarriage, and we’re thrilled to share Bryony and Asher’s story with you. The dedicated support of our fertility specialists helped guide Bryony and Asher on their path to parenthood, giving them the hope to continue in the face of adversity and finally welcome the wonderful daughter they had been waiting for: Millie!

Welcoming Millie: after a couple of years of trying for a baby and having had three miscarriages, we sought some testing and help from a specialist gynaecologist and came away with a few diagnoses (PCOS, APS, MTHFR for me and sperm DNA fragmentation for Asher) and a plan. However, two more years, another two miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy later (so six losses in total), we decided enough was enough, and we were done trying ‘naturally’.

We looked into a few IVF clinics and had a consultation with another clinic, and the doctor was so blunt and negative; he said that IVF is made for people who can’t get pregnant, not for people who can conceive but miscarry. He also said that IVF wouldn’t make a difference for us. We came away from that consultation feeling completely hopeless and devastated.

My pregnancy journey after loss

Connecting with CRGH 

I then came across CRGH and booked a consultation for a second opinion, and it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. We had a consultation with Dr Saab, and he was so positive and knowledgeable. He listened to us, had read all of the history and test results I had forwarded to CRGH in advance, and said he was confident that he could help us have a baby; we felt so happy and positive after that call and couldn’t wait to get started! After a few more tests with

CRGH, we discovered I also had an issue with NK Cells, and Dr Saab produced a plan for our treatment.

Partly financed with a package with Access Fertility, which took a bit of the worry of ‘what if the first one doesn’t work?’ away, we decided to proceed with IMSI and PGT-A testing, followed by IVIG prior to my embryo transfer and during the start of pregnancy.

The whole team at CRGH were amazing. The nurses and doctors could not do enough for us; appointments were not too stressful, and we just felt so supported. I will not lie, it was not the easiest process physically and emotionally, but it was manageable with the support from CRGH. We had an egg collection in February 2022, followed by a frozen embryo transfer on the 16th of May 2022. Our first embryo stuck and, for the first time, carried on sticking!!


“He listened to us, read all of the history and test results I had forwarded to CRGH in advance, and said he was confident that he could help us have a baby; we felt so happy and positive after that call and couldn’t wait to get started!”

Pregnancy after miscarriage

Pregnancy after miscarriage success

It was a difficult and anxietyfilled pregnancy, but we welcomed a perfect, healthy, chunky baby girl into the world on 18th January 2023. She is everything we have ever dreamed of, and despite our incredibly hard journey to get to this point, we would not change a single part of it, as if our path had been different, it would not have led to our beautiful, cheeky Millie.

For anyone in a similar position, I would say don’t give up, don’t let anyone crush your hope, and I know it’s impossible to imagine when you’re so far in the depths of longing or loss, but when you eventually get your little miracle, you’ll almost be grateful for the path you had to take to get to them, as if you hadn’t been down this road, they wouldn’t be them, and you’ll never take them for granted.


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