Exciting new research project needs you!

UCL’s Institute for Women’s Health are working on a research project about gamete donation. If you have had donor treatment or donated your eggs/sperm then please spare 3 minutes to complete an anonymous survey. This study is aiming to explore… Read more

How to become a patient at CRGH Fertility Clinic

The decision to seek fertility treatments is never an easy one. There are so many things to consider and a couple having trouble conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy should really weigh their options before pursuing the next step. However, once… Read more

A long road: the first baby born without the BRCA-1 genetic fault

You may already know that one of our crowning achievements here at CRGH was our involvement in the birth of the first baby in the UK to have been born without the BRCA-1 gene. What you may not know is… Read more

A look at social reasons for fertility preservation

Dr. Wael Saab believes strongly in the freedom that fertility preservation provides patients, women in particular. Just a few years ago, fertility preservation was reserved for patients for medical reasons only – usually those undergoing cancer treatments that would otherwise… Read more

Fertility preservation: how and why

In recent years, the topic of fertility preservation has come up more and more. At CRGH, we do offer fertility preservation for both men and women, but what does this mean? Fertility preservation helps patients retain their fertility for a… Read more

PGD review from the perspective of the lead PGD nurse

Our preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) patients meet our lead PGD nurse, Karen Doye, as part of their treatment at CRGH. She also advises patients on other genetic screening tests, where indicated. Karen works closely with the HFEA for licensing and… Read more

Fertility Treatments: What is karyomapping?

As you learn a little more about the services we offer at CRGH, you may hear something about karyomapping and wonder what that is, exactly. Honestly, we’re very excited to be able to offer this new technique to our fertility… Read more

Emotional ramifications of fertility treatments

At CRGH, we know that having a baby, for some couples, is an overwhelming need. A natural urge that only becomes stronger when a couple wants to have a child but experiences difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term…. Read more

Take Control of Your Fertility Future

We’d all like to know what the future holds, particularly when it comes to planning a family. But with so many factors potentially influencing a person’s fertility, this can prove especially difficult. At CRGH we believe it’s never too early… Read more

The role of the NHS at CRGH and how we work together

For many couples, having a baby is a dream – a dream that doesn’t always come so easily. One in six couples have trouble conceiving and must turn to fertility treatments in order to complete their family. For the last 25… Read more

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