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Our outstanding success rates

Fresh & Frozen IVF/ICSI

2019 Live Birth Rates (per ET) in under 35s


2019 Live Birth Rates (per ET) in under 35s

Egg Recipient

2019 Live Birth Rates (per ET) all ages

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We continue to have a high number of live births in the UK using frozen eggs

Fertility care for lesbian and gay couples and LGBT+ patients

CRGH fertility clinic London

Fertility Clinic, London

The Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health (CRGH) is a celebrated IVF clinic founded by Mr Paul Serhal in 1990. CRGH consistently delivers excellent IVF success rates across all treatment types and prides itself on bespoke care.

CRGH has proudly pioneered Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) treatment in the UK, achieving numerous PGD “firsts”, including the first baby born free of the BRCA1 cancer gene in the UK, and the first baby born using the Karyomapping technique in Europe. 

CRGH has a dedicated team of professionals ready to ensure every patient receives excellent service and treatment.


In 2019 we achieved the first UK live birth following PGS testing using spent culture media in conjunction with embryo biopsy.  In time we hope to provide PGS testing without the need for embryo biopsy.

Our fertility clinic team are leaders in the field of assisted reproduction and play an active role in education and research. As well as publishing a number of scientific papers, our consultants and embryologists are invited to speak at international conferences and teach professionals through collaborating with academic institutions.

CRGH is recognised as a training centre for subspecialty training in reproductive medicine by the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, and has Training Centre Recognition for Quality Management of a Fertility Service by the British Fertility Society.

We have excellent facilities in London on Great Portland Street, and pride ourselves in delivering clinical excellence, creating bespoke treatment plans and responding to individual patient needs.

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Patient Stories

Your patient journey

Initial Consultation

Allow about one and a half hours for your first visit

Step 1

During the initial consultation the doctor may have recommended a number of investigations

Step 2

The active treatment phase differs between
prescribed treatments - see Treatment page for further information

Step 3
After treatment

This is the period once the insemination has occurred
and is also known as ‘The Two Week Wait

Step 4